Collision Hand PrefabΒΆ

The Collision Hand prefab generates a collider with a shape based on the tracking data from Fingo. This prefab is the primary method for the hand model to interact with the Unity physics engine. The Collision Hand can be enabled or disabled for an entire hand or specific to the bone segments within a hand. You can also access Collision Hand functionality in the other three hand prefabs.

Stick Hand renders the hand skeletons based on skeletal tracking data from Fingo.
  • Skeleton: The hand skeleton data of the collision hand.
  • Hand Collider Prefab: Generates the hand collider.
  • Hand Collider Map: Enable/ disable each section of the collider hand.
  • Enable All Collider: Enable/disable all collider sections.
  • Disable All Collider: Disable all collider sections.